Installation, Room G21, Camberwell College of Arts July 2010.

From May - July 2010 I risk assessed an empty studio at Camberwell College of Arts right down to the last nail in the wall. In taking account of minute changes occuring over time, the assessment dated as soon as it was written. Trying to elimiate one risk generated a new risk and so on, as did the entry of different people into the space. My MA show consisted of an up to the minute assessment of the space plus the archive of tests and assessments generated along the way.

I filled out 207 forms in total over the 6 weeks.


I tested the riskiness of the crack in te centre of the room:



I tested the riskiness of objects that had been left on the studio floor:



I produced good practice guidance for visitors (extract below):.


Here's documentation from the exhibition:



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