Performance, video and publication, Tangency Festival, Rosenplatz, Osnabrück, 15-20 October 2012

“What has changed here since yesterday? At first sight it’s really the same.”
George Perec in An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris

On the afternoon of Monday 15th October 2012 I wandered around the Rosenplatz quarter of Osnabrück with a camera secretly attached to my head. I sent the video of this experience to a transcription company in London who generated a transcript of what had occurred. For the rest of the week I attempted to re-enact my first afternoon as precisely as possible, using the transcript of the video recording as my script. Each afternoon I visited the same places at precisely the same time of day, attempting to do the same things in the same order, speaking the same words, and looking in the same direction. I recorded each of these re-enactments, attempting to generate a series of entirely synchronised videos.

The performance unfolded subtly in the streets, sites, shops and cafes of Osnabrück, involving unsuspecting passers by as participants, collaborators and witnesses. I wanted to explore whether, through precise repetition, habit could became spectacle, and the ordinary extraordinary. Various unforeseen circumstances (waiting for red lights, a queue in the cafe etc) created temporal disjunctions from one day to another. The resulting videos constantly shift from being ahead, behind and in sync with eachother.

Here's a short extract from three of the re-enactments placed side by side. Each screen is from a separate day.


Here's an installation shot of the film, screened on Rosenplatz:

Here's an extract from the accompanying publication which contained the transcript, timings, and my reflections on the process.


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