Collaboration with Dan Scott: Exhibition at GAP Gallery Barcelona, November 2008.

The Minute Museum presents one minute of city life: 60 seconds of action that took place on the corner of C/Llibretaria and C/de Freneria, Barcelona, at 14:45 on 1st October 2008. The Museum breaks this arbitrary moment into its component parts, lingering over the different senses, exploring the fragmentary mix of people, objects, colours, movement, smells and sounds.

min1The environmental sounds of a city are similar to a symphony - notes emit across the range of frequencies creating a near cacophony or white noise. From words whispered by strangers to the percussive clank of coffee cups though to the sweeping brass-like acceleration of scooters, the depth of sound has been recomposed in its entirety.


The minute is broken into a 3D colour spectrum. As the viewer moves so does the subtle balance of colour - amorphous and flowing.


During the minute parts of people fell away unnoticed. These pieces were collected from the pavement and preserved in resin.


The minute was imbued with Ethiopian Coffee, sticky icecream, Alpine chemical cleaner, tobacco smoke, a vague hint of sewage far below the paving stones and rotting rubbish in the bin. These odours were transformed into Strreet Scents for visitors to try.


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