Collaboration with Dan Scott: A one month project at Herhusid Residency Centre, Siglufjörður, Iceland, August 2009.

The town of Siglufjörður was once the centre of Iceland's herring industry. Years of overfishing then decimated the herring population. In August 2009 we spent a month attempting to reverse this trend and lure the herring back to town. A strict daily programme of research, ingestion, adornment, incantation and summons successfully culminated, on 22nd August, in a single herring being caught in Siglufjörður´s harbour.

For full details visit http://trishscott.org/herringquest/

herringseancePerformance on 21/09/09 at Herhusid with a pack of smoked herring. Duration 30 minutes.


The next day, on 22/09/09, a herring appeared in the waters off Siglufjörður.

Town residents helped us by drawing herring from memory in a collective act of reimagining.


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