Collaboration with Dan Scott: Residency and exhibition at The Room Mobile Space, Milton Creek Country Park, Sittingbourne, supported by Art at the Centre, Swale Council, Kent, August 2011.

Formally a "derelict wasteland" the land around Milton Creek, Sittingbourne, is being redeveloped as a "country park". Change Management tests how the Big Vision for the area and the language and techniques of regeneration actually relate to changes on the ground. Does describing somewhere as a country park really make it a country park? Are the plants of Milton Creek aware of these differences? Can a footpath be rebranded?

Adopting the methods of change management consultants we spent two weeks coaching, training and developing the landscape around Milton Creek, to ensure that plants, paths and other geographic features were aware of the new agenda for the area and their role in delivering the Big Vision.


We worked with landscape partners to discuss their performance and set objectives.


We conducted a comprehensive consultation exercise, listening carefully to the views of different landscape partners.

We offered 1:1 coaching to help motivate the landscape and raise aspirations.


"It ́s been really important to find ways of motivating landscape partners at Milton Creek; Each partner has received site-specific coaching, and counselling has been offered to allievate change related fears. Through these measures, regeneration is being transformed into a positive opportunity for all. One partner, The Hill, has benefited from a growing awareness of the central role that hills play nationwide in supporting and delivering cultural heritage. Through Change With Excellence, The Hill has been introduced to key hill role models, and is already displaying signs of progress; Having initially been classed as a mound, The Hill ́s aspirations have increased. Of course, enabling The Hill to reach its full potential requires sustained encouragement. To this end, regular contact and input from other landscape partners and the trees overseeing it provide opportunities for networked support and peer to peer learning." (Dave Bench Consulting : August 2011)

We celebrated and publicised best practice.

The 4 page project publication can be downloaded here:


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