Artist Opportunity: 3 x £400 commissions available


We know what we like and we like what we know is an experimental public art project, funded by Ideas Test, involving contemporary artists working with residents in Swale, Kent, to produce bespoke artworks for people’s homes. We are looking to commission 3 artists for the project. Each artist will be paired with a different household and over the course of a month (starting in January 2013) will create a new piece of art for residents’ homes.

Participation in the arts in Swale is low and this project is about putting artists in direct contact with potential audiences (likely to have little or no experience of contemporary art) to encourage an exchange of views resulting in the creation of new work. Reversing the usual dynamics of production and reception We know what we like and we like what we knowis about starting with resident’s interests and ideas on art and seeing how these might align with those of the contemporary artist’s. Perhaps households will want exactly what the selected artist wants to make, but equally there might be disagreement, in which case a process of negotiation and exchange will be necessary. Processes and outcomes will very much depend on the individuals involved and the project is as much about the journey as about the final works that are made.

Finished work will be installed in situ in each of the houses and kept by the householders, (if they so choose). The work and process will be documented and feature in a publication about the project. There may also be additional exhibition opportunities arising from the project in the future.

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