Alastair, Luke & Rowan: interview extract

Luke: We knew what we really didn’t want to do. We weren’t interested in any performance thing or us being the focus point. And we didn’t want anything too bold. We wanted something subtle. Something we could live with.

Alastair: The fact that it was a dialogue was really nice. A lot of the work I make is bound up with domestic/industrial materials so it was really interesting to make work for a household. I have sold work to collectors and collections but you never see what happens to the work as everything’s done via a 3rd party. You can’t visualise where the work ends up, and you don’t work with the collector, so normally the situation is very different. 

Luke: You brought down your portfolio, and we spotted some bits out of that. The premise originally of the project was to use more stuff that was in our home. The fact is we’d just moved and had nothing. We had some remnants of stuff that meant nothing to us that had been left by the previous tenants. Obviously you’d also done extensive research including on the football guy…. 

Alastair: Derek Hales…. He was the most famous export of Lower Halstow. I bought a programme for his testimonial match on ebay. My initial thoughts around that were to engineer some kind of situation where all of us met with him.

Luke: That could have been good if either of us were half bothered about football but we had no interest at all. We don’t have a sports link. The power adapter for the iMac was more of a link for us. 

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