International Perspectives on Participation & Engagement in the Arts

Steph Fuller from Ideas Test is giving a paper about We know what we like and we like what we know at a conference happening in the Netherlands on 20th June: International Perspectives On Participation & Engagement in the Arts, hosted by the Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University. Steph will be presenting the project in a session entitled ‘Redefining participation – public art experiments and their effects’.

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A live listening and discussion


Participants and members of the public gathered at the Whitstable Umbrella Centre Heritage Cafe for a live listening of our ‘hearing’ of the project (short radio extracts) followed by an open discussion with participants and artists. Our special thanks go to Jo Henderson from the Heritage Cafe for the great hosting and cream teas!

The baton is passed

We are delighted that Eva Weinmayr will become the first artist to make work for The Judy Collection, Rosalie Schweiker’s project for We know what we like and we like what we know. Eva’s budget is £94.04, the amount raised by Rosalie and Judy (through selling Judy’s unwanted possessions on a market stall in Faversham) to get the collection started. Part of Eva’s brief is to make work which will fundraise for Judy to acquire a further work, enabling the Judy Collection to continue into the future.

This is an extract from Rosalie’s prospectus to Eva about the project.


Rosalie & Judy: interview extract

Judy: We gathered lots of things that I’d had in my loft and around my space, from journeys and collections and gifts. Things that I no longer needed or wanted. We wanted to raise money with that as you would in a normal boot fair but we added an extra little twist. There was a sign saying “your purchase today will fund a new art collection”. 

Rosalie: People seemed to re-act as if it it was a completely normal thing to do. If you want to start an art collection you sell your old stuff!

Rosalie: We’ve been at Faversham market selling since 7:30am this morning. We’ve made £94.04 (including one donation) and with the money made today we’re starting the Judy Art collection. I’m going to draw up a shortlist of artists and do a little report on them and analyse them and see which ones are worth investing in. 

Judy: Rosalie is my new broker….

Rosalie: …And Judy is now a collector. And £94.04 is our budget.

Rosalie: Each future artist will have to do something which generates money to continue the collection. 

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